Our Lady Of Sorrows

Traditional Catholic Church


   The Seven Sacraments According

         to the Council of Trent    

Baptism: A rebirth in Christ. Being born again of water removes original sin that we are all born with. Original sin is a consequence due to the actions of Adam and Eve. There is no opportunity for eternal salvation without baptism.

Confirmation: The indwelling of the Holy Ghost. Upon receiving confirmation the Holy Ghost descends upon you, strengthening you in all truth.  You are now prepared to be a soldier of Christ.

The Holy Eucharist (Holy Communion): The reception of the body and blood of Christ. Within the Sacrifice of Mass, Jesus is truly present in the bread and wine.

Penance (Confession): To obtain forgiveness, sins must be confessed to a priest. Absolution given, penance imposed and completed makes reparation for punishment due in purgatory.    

Extreme Unction (Last Rites): Anointing of the eyes, nose, mouth hands and feet with Holy Oil of those who are dying.

Holy Viaticum: Receiving The Holy Eucharist on your death bed.

Holy Orders: Ordaining of a priest. Scripture tells us that the Apostles appointed others by an external rite conferring inward grace. The fact that grace is ascribed immediately to the external rite, shows that Christ must have thus ordained.  

Matrimony: Joining of man and woman in a Christ like union in preparation for the eternal and spiritual nuptial. St. Paul tells us of the added difficulties of becoming a saint while in the state of matrimony. (Corinthians 7 : 33)