Our Lady Of Sorrows

Traditional Catholic Church

The Catholic church today with all of it's many changes has also redirected our thoughts about our Blessed Mother and Jesus. What most people fail to realize, is that the embodiment of the church should revolve around the passion of our Lord. When Mel Gibson's movie "The Passion of the Christ" came out, it was highly criticized for being to graphic, but that's exactly how we should remember Christ and His mother. 

Christ went through the most ignominious death so that we would have the opportunity to live forever. It's all about the passion of our Lord and the dreadful sorrows that Our Lady endured because of his death. When we think of Our Lady, we should think of her at the foot of the cross, suffering tremendously with her son. Every torture that Jesus endured during His passion was also experienced by His mother.

We always want to think of Jesus and Mary in a joyful state. It wasn't the miracles that Jesus performed or the preaching He did that should take precedence in our minds, but the sacrifice that they made for the salvation of our souls. Don't turn your thoughts and meditations away from the sorrows of Jesus and Our Lady, but reflect deeply on them. 

Many tend to turn away from the passion of our Lord, but it's the passion that opened the gates of Heaven to us. We can't ignore what Jesus and His Mother went through for each one of us. Our Blessed Mother suffered so much during Her son's passion that she became completely overwhelmed. In an effort to share in her sufferings, we should make every effort to consecrate ourselves to the sorrowful heart of our Blessed Mother and reflect daily on her sufferings.